Corporate Massage Therapy

Do you want happy, healthy, engaged and loyal employees? Contact The Gray Natural Health Centre about visiting your workplace.

We have more than 13 years’ experience providing quality therapeutic and professional corporate massage services.

We’ll have your staff de-stressed, refreshed and ready to work!

Why Corporate Massage?

Massages in the workplace are proven to;

  • increase employee productivity,
  • increase engagement
  • increase staff retention

Are you interested in reducing staff sick leave?

The cost of sick leave seems to be ever increasing however research has shown that regular massage is a cost-effective and efficient way to energise and motivate your team while reducing stress and body aches and pains.

Why choose The Gray Natural Health Centre?

When you decide to offer corporate seated massages to your employees, you expect a service that is;

  • high quality,
  • safe,
  • cost effective
  • reliable

We employ qualified and insured massage therapists, with specialist training in our unique corporate massage service.

The Gray Natural Health Centre has been providing professional corporate massage services to clients throughout Western Australia since 2004.

Our 15-30-minute workplace treatments are a unique experience which means you and your staff will enjoy a sensory experience that is relaxing and rejuvenating.

Contact us about visiting your workplace regularly or for a one-off trial.


Corporate Massage

Reward your staff with a corporate massage session tailored to the individual needs of your business. This is a mobile service where everything is provided on site. Please contact me for further details to tailor a plan for your business.

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