Trigger Point Massage Therapy

Focuses on hyper-sensitive areas in the muscles, fascia, tendons and ligaments. These sites frequently refer pain to other regions of the body. It is a body work system aimed at reducing or erasing trigger points within muscles or tissues.

Trigger points are hyper-sensitive areas, that when compressed, are tender and are often related to referred pain. They are described as a small contraction knot in muscle tissue, affecting a muscle by keeping it both tight and weak.

Trigger points maintain a hard contraction on the muscle fibres directly connected to it. In turn, these taut bands of muscle fibres keep constant tension on the muscle attachments, often producing symptoms in adjacent joints and restricting circulation in the immediate area of the trigger point.

Trigger Point 90 Mins

90 Mins
In addition to completing a trigger point release you will finish with some relaxation massage to soothe the stress away.

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